Friday, July 9, 2010

Mac gaming and it's future

Recently a new trend of Mac gaming has come into effect. Not to long ago steam anounced a full line up of games now able to be played on macs. Apple computer has had some criticism in terms of game compatibility. However, major game developers such as EA and Blizzard have been part of mac gaming for a while now, bringing hit titles such as The Sims and World of Warcraft. By steam devoting a sector just for mac games is a huge step forward for gaming since steam is synonymous with pc gaming. I think that other game developers should take these companies as an example of how to reach a future goal with the increasing mac users.

Currently mac is trying to appeal to students with their student discounts, which tells us they main demographic is younger people. They know that by aiming for a younger demographic the consumer will be more comfortable with mac OS and therefore a lot more likely to keep purchasing apple products. Personally, I've grown up using pc's and have just recently changed. The reason I kept buying pc's is because it was the norm and I was comfortable using it because my dad (being a big computer buff) used one as well. So by appealing to this young demographic the younger generation can be mac savvy and using a mac will be the new norm. It's an excellent way to market a product since its a little to late to appeal to the slightly older generation who is already wired to windows.

This is crucial to the gaming industry because as more and more young people switch to mac the fewer and fewer customers will be purchasing those pc exclusive games. These game developers have to think of their future survival and must quickly adapt to the mac revolution in order to still be in business.

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