Sunday, August 15, 2010

Starcraft 2 Impressions

After more than 10 years of waiting, Blizzard finally comes out with Starcraft's polished sequel. I wanted a some time to play it so I could give you guy and accurate feel of the game. I was never a hardcore Starcraft fan or player for that matter, growing up it was always Warcraft 3 . Though not much has changed with SC2, besides the obvious (better graphics). The game look impressive and I play on the normal setting to avoid lag. To be honest though, I kind of have to force myself to play the campaign seeing as playing online or custom games seems to be a lot more fun and truly is what Starcraft is all about. The story is kind of hard to follow since I tend to skip the optional cinematics, but from what I've seen so far is an uninteresting 1980's sci-fi movie.

One of the bet things about Starcraft 2 is the beautifully designed interface, its really easy to set up a quick game with your friends and your friends list is always available to see who online and doing what. While Blizzard did add a few new units and a couple of tweaks here and there, the Starcraft experience hasen't really changed. Probably because Blizzard is afraid of a Korean revolution taking place...However, it's a good thing that nothing major has changed, but I would have liked to see a fourth race or something a little more unique. Perhaps we will see more in the further expansions Blizzard has planned to put out. Nevertheless, Starcraft 2 is an amazing game, and for those RTS fans who are looking for a good game that all their friends can enjoy. I recommend spending the $60. Also, a word of advice for new players, you are most likely to get destroyed online with the amount of good players there are. However, I recommend just playing with friends for a while just to get a better feel for the game and you can kick ass with someone on your own level.
Starcraft 2- 9/10

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