Sunday, July 4, 2010

Switched From PC to Mac

I recently purchased the Macbook pro 2.4 13-inch model at my local mac store; and to honest I was pretty skeptical about mac since I've been bashing them as well as mac users for spending ridiculous amounts of money on something that simply looks nice. However, as a few years rolled by I began seeing more and more people with macbooks around school and couldn't help but ask some of them what their impressions are.

10/10 people I asked were completely satisfied with their purchase and as time went on I grew closer and closer to the idea of switching over to the dark side. Then 2 weeks ago, I got my mac with the student deal that includes the free 8gb ipod touch, a $100 off a printer (bought the $99.95 Canon MX320) and $100 off the macbook itself. They kind of sucked me in with the protection plan but it is $80 off with the student discount and it cost less than buying a new battery which i might need to replace anyways in the future. I'm 2 weeks in using my new macbook and I must say with all honesty..I love it.

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